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A Bones Icons Contest Community

A Bones Icon Contest Community
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Welcome to Bones Contest, an icon challenge community based on the television series - Bones. Anyone is invited to participate, no matter what their skill level, please just remember to read and follow the rules.

It is strongly advised that you join and friend the community to participate in the challenges.
01. Each member is permitted to submit a maximum of three icons per challenge, unless otherwise stated.

02. Icons must meet LJ standards (100x100/40kb or less) and be in jpg, gif, or png format.

03. Icons must be uploaded to your own image host. LJ userpics and Scrapbook are not allowed.

04. Icons must be "fresh" for each contest and may not be shown elsewhere until the current contest is over.

05. Icons must be your own; entering someone else's work is not permitted.

06. Icons should be submitted in a comment to the designated post each week, like so:

01. Votes will be tallied for three places, as well as an alternative category if there are enough icons.

02. Alternative categories may include Best Coloring, Best Interpretation, etc.

03. Please vote for at least three different icons.

04. Do not vote for yourself, and do not have your friends vote for you, or create phoney accounts to vote.

05. Tactical voting is not allowed, such as voting for icons you think are the worst in an attempt to win.
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Creator/Maintainer : contradictz
email; contradictz @ livejournal.com | aim; contradictz
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